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I got started with Ignite Your Peace in August 2018 after becoming frustrated with my lack of self-care during a very challenging time in my life.

As I created Ignite Your Peace, I thought, when we shine our own light we encourage others to do the same, but what happens when we don’t know how to bask in our own light? Ignite Your Peace was created to compel your inner light to go from a dim flicker to a full force of purpose! At the inception of Ignite Your Peace my light was dim. Just imagine a calamity of external events affecting your internal peace, who has time for that?! That’s what happened to me as I watched my personal and professional life crumble like ashes after walking away from my job—I literally had to sage that ish! Hence, the name of one of my candles.

I realized that the same energy that extinguished my light could be a catalyst to empower my light, but not just my own, I wanted to help others. So, I decided to navigate through the painful fumes by creating scents to portray positive affirmations that I desired to embody. The ultimate inspiration that catapulted the birth of Ignite Your Peace was the lack of self-care that my tribe expressed. I decided to create a sensational, aroma filled environment that would encourage them on their journey to inner peace.

As I hand-craft each candle, I enjoy the patience during the process, and send my personal touch of peace to my customers. I am reminded of the vibrant light that exists in each of us. Ignite Your Peace allows you to awaken your light while you meditate on essential values that yield a prosperous and abundant life. Each time this happens, a bit of my own peace is ignited. So, I’m grateful for my tribe!

To date, I have established myself as a dynamic self-care candle company, empowering thousands of women to take charge of their well-being. I have been featured on platforms such as OMNoire and CandleScience.

My hope is to continue to inspire women to embrace mental wellness through self care, wherever they are!

peace, love + light,

Kierra Bussey, founder of Ignite Your Peace, an affirmations candle company

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Kierra Bussey, is a graduate of Temple University where she majored in communications and Spanish. She then obtained a Master’s in Education, from the University of Pennsylvania.

Presently she works in the non-profit sector with the Teach For America New York regional team as Director, Program. She has more than six years of pedagogical and instructional design experience. As an alumna of Teach For America, Greater Philadelphia, in 2013, she founded the Spanish programs at the schools where she taught in Philadelphia and New York. During her stint as a Spanish teacher, she launched and coordinated the program’s first study abroad trip for 11 students to Costa Rica during April 2017.

As Kierra has evolved, so have her roles as an educator. This past year, she taught 5th grade math in an effort to extend her impact to a subject that her former students found challenging. In general, she is passionate about financial literacy and in the long run, wants to create a math program that marries the two topics. Her ultimate objective as an educator is to create an equitable, academic environment that supports critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and forward-thinking goals.

Fun fact: As a self-proclaimed book nerd/chef/globetrotter/creator, Kierra enjoys reading multiple books at once, trying out new recipes, collecting passport stamps and of course, managing her candle company, Ignite Your Peace Candle Co.

Her favorite book is Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

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